i-10 Houston
Traffic Maps by Cross Streets ...
> Addicks Satsuma
> Federal Rd
> Grand Pkwy
> Heights Blvd
> Lockwood Dr
> Loop Fwy E
> Loop Fwy N
> Sam Houston Pkwy - Eastside
> Sam Houston Pkwy - Westside
> Studemont St
> Taylor St
> TC Jester Blvd
> Waco St
> Washington Ave
> Wayside Dr
> Westcott St
> 6 Hwy
> 8 Hwy Eastside
> 8 Hwy Westside
> 45 Hwy
> 69 Hwy
> 99 Hwy
> 610 Eastside
> 610 Westside


Interstate 10 Houston Traffic

i-10 Houston Traffic ...

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> i-10 at Addicks Satsuma Rd
> i-10 at Federal Rd
> i-10 at Grand Pkwy
> i-10 at Heights Blvd
> i-10 at Lockwood Dr
> i-10 at Loop Fwy E
> i-10 at Loop Fwy N
> i-10 at Sam Houston Pkwy - Eastside
> i-10 at Sam Houston Pkwy - Westside
> i-10 at Studemont St
> i-10 at Taylor St
> i-10 at TC Jester Blvd
> i-10 at Waco St
> i-10 at Washington Ave
> i-10 at Wayside Dr
> i10 at Westcott St
> i10 at 6 Hwy
> i-10 at 8 Hwy Eastside
> i-10 at 8 Hwy Westside
> i-10 at 45 Hwy
> i-10 at 69 Hwy
> i-10 at 99 Hwy
> i-10 at 610 Eastside
> i-10 at 610 Westside




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About the i-10 in Houston ...

Interstate 10 Houston Map
The Interstate 10 in Houston, abbreviated "i-10 Houston",  is one of the major interstate highway routes that travels across the Greater Metro Houston area ... the i-10 is the main interstate highway that travels across Greater Houston and Harris County in a East-West direction.

Traveling West-bound on the i-10 away from Houston; the i-10 is the main route to San Antonio, and points further west.

Traveling East-bound on the i-10 away from Houston; the i-10 is the main route to Louisiana, Baton Rogue, and New Orleans, and points further east.

In the Houston area, a section of the i-10 is also known as the Katy Freeway, and another section is known as the East Freeway.

The map above shows the i-10 in Greater Houston (highlighted in pink) and where the i-10 travels through the Greater Metro Houston area... the map below shows approx. exit and off-ramp locations along the i-10 in the Greater Houston region...


Interstate 10 Houston Exits Map

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